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When It Comes To The Safety & Security Of Your Family, Don't Settle For Second Best. Use Only Strike Plate Locks.  

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Works On Lever And Round Door Knobs

Longer Screws For Added Stability & Security

Fits Directly Onto Existing Plate In 60 Seconds

Praise for Strike Plate Locks

Ellerod, NV

Peace Of Mind

Very easy to install and is very heavy duty metal. I'm 6'2 325 pounds football player build and pushed hard on my door and it didn't even budge. So happy with my purchase. Buying more for my wife's Mom's house

Donna, VA


I cannot say enough good about this product. I watched the presentation and thought it would be perfect for me. I installed it myself in about 10 minutes and I feel so much safer.

Erika, OH

So far so good

At this point I love this product Im going to 2 more to put on my other doors and my kids want me to get them one for there bedroom doors lol. This is a must have

Fairbanks, FL

Great Product

Very easy to install and provides added security. I plan on purchasing more for additional doors..

Picklles, NV

Peace of Mind in a Small Package

This combination of locks was easy to install and adds another level of security to my home.

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Strike Plate Locks Appeared on HSNtv in 2016. The hosts were unable to kick the door in and we explain what makes Strike Plate Locks such a powerful security device.

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This video shows the weakness of the store bought, door security devices and the incredible security and strength of the Strike Plate Lock.

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Endorsed By Law Enforcement


Normal Door Chains Can Be Bypassed in One Kick

Strike Plate Lock Survived Over 50 Kicks

Easy To Install

Over 25,000 Sold

Simple To Use

Patented (Patent No US 10,041,273 B2)

Eight Improvements Over Existing Door Security Devices

  • 3 Security Features

    Added safety and security dual locks, a flip lock and a door chain.

  • Added Strength

    Stronger lock because of placement of lock by door handle

  • Better Fixtures

    Screws are longer than screw on current door chains.

  • Better Placement

    Better placement of screws (shearing force versus pulling force)

  • More Usability

    Useable on all types of doors, wood, metal.

  • Easier To Install

    Ease of installation (60 seconds for the Strikeplate Lock versus 20 minutes for common door chain).

  • Works On Most Doors

    Works on lever and round door knobs

  • Use In The House

    Can be used to turn a bedroom into a safe room

Inventor Of The Strike Plate Lock A Police Officer For 22 Years


"When former L.A. County Sheriff’s Office police officer Robert Dieguez was stuck at home to due to an injury, he came up with the Strike Plate Lock, a new door lock that could provide better protection from intruders."

I retired from the Los Angeles county sheriff's department as a deputy sheriff after 22 years of service, because of a back injury. In February 2014. I suffered a major relapse with my back and was in the hospital for two weeks. After the hospital I went home and started recovering in a hospital bed down stairs for a month. As I improved, I would take my walker to the front door and then back to my hospital bed in the family room. On my many trips to the front door I would look at the front door. Being so humbled from my injury. I was very conscious of security.

Being a Do it yourselfer/ handyman (mechanically inclined} a poet (dreamer) and a police officer (strong concern about security) it was a perfect mix. That's when I started to put together my idea for a new simpler stronger door chain and lock.

45 Day Return Policy