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What is the best time to change your existing door security device?

Layered protection is the best way to protect your home from and family. Typically, a layered system includes, entry sensors, motion sensors, etc. Athough, these options are technologically advanced, you have to adopt a simple yet smartest method. Using a strike plate lock. There is a unique lock available online that is designed by an experienced police officer. This device has the world’s strongest chain that keeps people barging in. If you expect unlawful entry to your home, get this device now. It is considered as one of the best home security devices for doors. So, what is the best time to change your existing door security device?

While moving into a new house:
This is the first and foremost reason, why you should change your door locks. This is something people are aware of, but they rarely do. If you are moving to a new apartment or a new house, change the door locks as soon as possible.

Change your lock after breakup:
It may be funny, but you have to make sure that you are the intelligent one. Sometimes, breakups end up with mutual terms, but not always. Whether it’s a divorce, or a dating or a friendship, it’s good to change your door locks to avoid unwanted circumstances.

When you lose your door keys: Install a new security lock for door in case you lose your keys. Don’t let time pass, it’s not worth it. Strangers may access your home. So, never keep your home address on your keys.

Change your lock if it is too old: Your old door lock may not work after years of wear and tear. Sometimes, it may be difficult for you to lock and unlock your door. However, an old lock can’t protect you long enough. Change the lock as soon as possible. It has been studied that, a 7% of unlawful entry is committed by someone with a key. So changing your locks at the right time will make sure that you always know who has entered your house.

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