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Explore the Options with Security Locks for Front Doors

Whether your door is made of wood, iron or any other sturdy material, if you don’t have the right safety lock burglars may enter your home without any hassle. A door lock is the backbone of your home security. Having an effective security lock for doorand using it on a regular basis is highly essential. It is considered as the first step towards protecting your home from invasion. Different types of door locks are now available in the market and some of them are more effective than others. Knowing their capabilities and how each lock works, helps you take the right decision while deciding whether to keep your existing lock system or to upgrade it to a new model.

This is commonly found in exterior doors of residences and businesses. You can find a keyhole on its exterior part and the interior side of the cylinder has a thumb latch. You can also find some deadbolts having double cylinders, but this is not recommended for residences. Deadbolts are typically durable and strong locks that are difficult to cut. Having a bump resistant can kick off the weaknesses in the security system. Similarly, you have to install stronger door frames to support the deadbolt.

Door chain:
Whether you need security locks for front doors or interior doors, a strong door chain is the key to improve your existing door security device. Strikeplate lock is one of the strongest chains that can be used on all types of doors including metal and wood. It secures the door by using a chain to connect the door with your door frame. It provides an additional layer of security when combined with a deadbolt or knob lock.

Door knob:
In most of the cases, knobs are used in interior rooms. It’s probably not effective against a determined intruder. So, it is not wise to use them in exterior doors without an additional security layer like, strikeplate lock chain. However locks are effective while they are used in conjunction with one another. Whether you are using a deadbolt or a door knob, install a chain lock to make sure that you and your family is safe to a certain extent.

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