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Lock that enhance your home security

The strike plate lock lets convert a strike plate which is a flimsy piece of security. This hefty piece of security, the Strike plate lock, offers a significant security upgrade to any strike-plate equipped regular door with a knob, and attaches in minutes. What is the Strike Plate Lock.

It is the chain system door lock. It is an advanced way to secure your home. Through this lock strangers can’t enter in to the home. This is the high security door lock,keeping you safe from strangers. It is extremely user friendly. It is a type of new door lock that could provide better protection from intruders. These extra adding locks are excellent choice for interior doors. This is the most simple, strong, versatile door lock for your home.

DOUBLE PRTOECTION: Locking your doors is not enough to secure your property. This door security latch offers double security for your peace of mind. The flip lock brace s the door when it is closed and the chain makes sure no intruder gets in your home, when you answer the door.

FITS MOST DOORS: Whether you have a lever or a round door knob, you can count on this security strike plate and chain to provide you with the protection you want. The chain lock function attaches on the door handle for added strength. When your door is closed, you can enhance that protection with the addition of a flip lock that braces against the door for added resistance.

EASY INSTALLATION: When it comes to installing this door stopper, the entire process is a breeze! There are no complicated steps to secure doors with this chain lock and you can install it without having to use complex tools. Includes 2, 2 inch screws that securely drive into the door frame, adding extra security.

Advantages of Security Lock

  • Added safety and security dual locks, a flip lock and a door chain.
  • Stronger lock because of placement of lock by door handle.
  • Screws are longer than screw on current door chains.
  • Useable on all types of doors, wood, metal.

These advanced technique locks are perfect for families because they can safely stay in the home without fear of any stranger. These type of locks are made using high quality durable materials that are long lasting. This is the world’s strongest door chain.

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