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How strong is the STRIKEPLATE LOCK?

I, Robert Dieguez, the inventor of the STRIKEPLATE LOCK, have broken over ten store bought door chains with one strike from a ninety pound bag, (these hits can be seen in our video). I was able to break through a store bought door chain with four kicks in five seconds, and I'm over fifty-years of age. As seen on the video, I had also broken a store bought door chain in two seconds and two hits, just using my shoulder.

In comparison the STRIKEPLATE LOCK received over thirty-five hits with a ninety-pound bag as well as numerous kicks and still offered extensive strength and security.

Can your reach the screws securing the door chain when the door is open?

The door chain was made to be used when you answer the door. To prevent someone from using a screw driver to force their way in you can;

  1. Slam the door closed.
  2. Put a small amount of glue on the face of the screws after you screw them in. Super glue, white glue, epoxy or wood putty will prevent a screwdriver from working. This is for a more permanent use of the STRIKEPLATE LOCK.
  3. Simply paint over the screws after they are installed. This will also prevent someone from using a screwdriver.
  4. We will also have the option of buying security screws with a special wrench so only you can take out the screws. (insert link)

When you are away from the door you can use the STRIKEPLATE LOCK's "flip lock" to secure the door when it is closed.