Install & Safety Tips

One Person's Perspective on Safety

As we continue to progress and survive in this technological concrete jungle the need to protect our homes has increased.

Here are some thoughts to help you in your long venture:

  • So technology is always a useful tool as a theft deterrent, but not many of us have the cash to spend on high tech gear, either way if you can or can't afford too, here are a few tips.


  • Buy the latest surveillance system. They vary in price but as technology grows their usefulness is that much more effective, not only to deteriorate theft but to identify intruders.
  • If you can't afford to buy the real set, you can't go wrong in buying a few that look real, but are fake. Prices on those vary and are found easily online. They may be as effective as the real cameras. Make them very visible and noticeable, your intent is for them to walk away and not pick your home.


  • You can also do well with a recognized alarm monitoring system and some even come with surveillance system in the contract. You would want to find what's suitable for your needs.
  • Again if the price seems too high you can always take the alternate route. Some local hardware and convenience store or even online stores have the "Do it yourself" alarm system.
  • This simple and inexpensive kit helps you set up an alarm in your home, to make the illusion that it is being monitored. It also rings as people enter through the door or areas where the sensors were applied to.
  • Also available at any electronic shop are the window/door sensors that are quickly installed and useful as a pre-warning alarm when someone has entered your home.


  • Invest a few extra dollars on keeping your house lit up. Make sure you illuminate every corner of your home. Keep the most lighting in the primary walkways and bright sensor lighting throughout the front and back.
  • Make sure you keep regular maintenance to make sure they are in proper working order.
  • Also keep lights on a timer especially if you will be out of town for a few days.
  • Keep lighting close to the window and or a TV or radio on, even if you aren't home (gives the illusion that you are home.)
  • Keep strong and durable flashlights accessible in case of power outage and or intrusion, it may be used as a protection device in need of an attack.
  • Leave self-charging flashlights throughout the house to maintain areas lit as well.
  • You can also have a certified electrician change out the outlets in your home with partially lit outlets or partially lit plate.


  • Stand outside and glance at your windows, if you can see what you have inside from the sidewalk. That tells you change your blinds, shutters and or curtains.If you can see what inside your home, then chances are the burglar already knows too. Invest in seal tight blinds and non-see through curtains.
  • Add slide window locks or cut a small wooden stick or pipe half or longer the length of the window and place it inside the railing (to prevent the window from being opened.)
  • For up and down windows attach a magnet to the stick to maintain it upright on one side of the railing, if possible.
  • I recommend placing items that may fall easily and or cause noise close to the windows to create an alert of a potential intruder. As well as placing items in front or by the window to make it hard for the intruder to enter: such as placing a heavy dresser, lamp, or even furniture.
  • Avoid leaving windows open and blinds exposed. Even 2nd floor windows may deem an issue for you. Eager criminals can and will jump onto the roof to access the goods inside your home.
  • Avoid leaving any size ladders accessible in the yard. If you must, lock it up or tie a chain and lock it. It's been known that even the utility or maintenance workers have gazed inside windows and returned later or sent friends.


  • Make sure the house is equipped with durable doors and locks.
  • Double check all doors and locks periodically to make sure they show no sign of wear and tear. A cracked door makes it that much easier for intrusion.
  • Avoid exterior doors with glass windows.
  • Make sure any exterior doors and doors that lead into the garage have a dead bolt and a door knob as well.
  • We recommend it to be a quality one, with a hardened double cylinder steel bolt, and make sure any and all plates are screwed in with screws that are at least 2 inches or more of length.
  • If you have recently moved into a home, you should be aware that the previous home owners may still have a key. If you see them damaged or worn out locks or knobs, I would recommend that you change out all your locks.
  • Avoid leaving any spares lying under the mat or hidden fake rocks.
  • On another note, you should also be very careful on who you choose to give a copy of your keys to, realistically you should really avoid giving a copy to anyone, but if you must make sure you can truly trust them.


  • Protect the glass with security film, doing so prevents the intruder from breaking the glass effectively and alerting you of the intrusion.
  • It is also good to place a steel rod or pipe in the railing to prevent someone from opening.
  • Besides effective lighting, maintain a basic home look.
  • Blend in with the rest of your neighborhood; don't let your house stand out from the rest by either leaving to much expensive items close to the house and or near the windows.
  • Keep the yard and lawn clean, maintain all bushes nicely trimmed and open. Avoid having too many trees or high bushes in the yard. This would allow potential criminals to easily hide and watch you nearby or from afar, burglars love to access a window and not be seen from the street.
  • Avoid having constant social gatherings and bringing unfamiliar guest to your home. Too much attention may cause unwanted fingers to take what is not theirs.
  • Be aware of your posting to much information of social media, giving some unwanted person, too much information about your travel plans or personal property.
  • During holidays or any gift giving event make sure you destroy the boxes of the gifts and throw them inside the container at the bottom of the container.
  • If you have a lot of boxes take them directly to the closest recycling center and get yourself a few extra dollars for the trouble. During these times potential lurkers are eager to see what the holidays have brought the neighborhood.
  • A dog is always the best form of protection against trouble, make sure you own one that you are comfortable with, able to take care of and are adequate in protecting you and your family. Make sure y ou keep a good relationship with the creature, as it may be the first alert and defense against any intruder.
  • If not an animal person place signs on your gates "Beware of dog."


  • From burglar to a catastrophe. Always have a plan for any emergency.
  • Have an exit plan for any event and keep those paths clear of any trip hazard.
  • Make sure all fire alarms are in working order and have a fire extinguisher handy.


  • Invest in an effective door chain such as a STRIKEPLATE LOCK, an effective strong durable door chain that may assist in preventing an intrusion and or giving you extra time to hide, protect yourself and call for help.
  • Place the STRIKEPLATE in all exterior doors to help in preventing or deteriorating intrusion.
  • Place one in your room to create a safe house room. Leave any and all emergency tools and equipment in this room in case of an intrusion.
  • Keep your main garage door closed as much as possible. Leaving it open throughout the day may give others a reason to become unwelcomed guests.
  • Keep any jewels or valuables locked in a safe, and out of sight. Some give you the option to bolt it onto the wall, do so and keep it hidden and only accessible by you.
  • Leave all cell or house phones accessible at arm length at all times.
  • Make sure everyone is aware of all the emergency numbers and family contacts and routes.
  • Leave car keys by the dresser at night. If your vehicle is parked outside and equipped with an alarm, activate it, if you hear any sign of intrusion.
  • Keep pepper spray handy, preferably close to the door or dresser, in case of intrusion.
  • Keep your shoes close at reach in case of emergency or an intrusion.
  • Always remember the best way to prevent dilemmas is for everyone to be prepared and alert.
  • Be aware of your surroundings inside and out of our home, report any suspicious activity.
  • Being one with the community helps us be that much stronger against crime.